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Tax Advisory

Tax Advisory Services or Income Tax Consultant In Kanpur

INCOME TAX :As per the Income Tax Act, a business organization is required to file returns with the Income Tax Department on an annual basis.

TDS PAYMENT : Tax Deducted at Source, called as TDS, means the deduction of tax at source by the payer to the recipient of an income.

ADVANCE TAX : As per Income Tax Act, it is mandatory to pay the Income Tax in advance in case the assessee's total tax liability for a financial year exceeds Rs.10,000 or more, after deducting the TDS from the gross tax payable on the current income. Our team of professional experts will assist you in Assessment, Preparation and e-Filing of :

  •     Income Tax Returns
  •     TDS Returns
  •     Advance Tax Returns

Service tax is a tax on services providers. Service tax is applicable to all service other than services listed in the negative list.

VAT is a state-level tax, Value Added Tax (VAT) or Sales Tax is a consumption tax levied on sale of taxable goods and materials.

Our Services includes :

  •     Registration for VAT / Sales Tax
  •     Preparing Monthly / Quaterly / Annual VAT returns
  •     Assessment
  •     E-filing